What is stress management?

Stress is a normal occurrence that often arises when you perceive a situation as threatening or when you are dealing with an unusually large number of everyday responsibilities. With the intense demands of home and work life, many people are experiencing intense stress. Stress in one setting can affect stress levels in the other.

What can you do to reduce stress?

If you feel that you are suffering from stress, try to identify the aspects of your life that are causing it. Sometimes you may not be able to change or avoid them, but at other times simple lifestyle adjustments can make all the difference. Recognizing your specific triggers is one of the first steps in the process of stress management. Common causes of stress include work, family, health concerns, unrealistic expectations, cynical and negative attitudes (thinking that things are always going to go badly or end badly), sudden traumatic events, etc.

Here is a growing list of stress relievers that can help you feel less stress in your life.

1. Guided Imagery
2. Self-Hypnosis
3. Autogenics
4. Journaling
5. Meditation
6. PMR
7. Yoga
8. Breathing
9. Playing Games
10. Sex
11. Laughter
12. Biofeedback
13. Music Therapy
14. Take a Walk
15. Plant a Garden
16. Time Management
17. Listen To Music
18. Eat a Balanced Diet
19. Learn Assertive Communication Skills
20. Enjoy Aromatherapy
21. Reduce Caffeine Intake
22. Drink in Moderation
23. Dont Procrastinate
24. Drink Green Tea
25. Watch T.V.