Breathe to Stop Pain and Relieve Stress

By Cynthia Perkins

Breathing is so simple and intrinsic to our life that we rarely think about it, and most of us are unaware that we breathe improperly. We are taught at an early age to suck in our stomachs and puff out our chests. This is in complete contradiction to proper breathing.

To breathe properly, when you inhale, your abdomen should protrude not your chest. When you exhale, your abdomen should flatten. When you breathe in, you should breathe completely until the lungs are full and when you exhale, it should be until all air is expelled.

For healthy breathing you should breathe deeply and completely. Breathing through your nose keeps the charge of energy in check, increasing control and slowing your metabolism. Breathing through your mouth increases the charge of energy and facilitates the discharge of emotions. You may have noticed that when you are upset that you breathe heavy sighs out through your mouth. This is not bad during those times because it helps expel the emotions, but it isnt a state you want to remain in consistently.